The Language of Drawing and Mark Making

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This is a new course that is written especially for those who have little experience of drawing as well as for students who would like to deepen their experience and develop new skills. The course could lead to the award of the City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Design and Craft (Experimental Drawing and Mark Making) 7802-58.

Each module represents a structured programme exploring a range of subjects, techniques and materials that will encourage you to be experimental and extend your drawing skills as well as offering basic instruction for the beginner. Careful consideration will be given to different methods of presentation and you will learn to evaluate the outcome of your work in relation to the assignment

The course is designed as a sequence of four interdependent modules:

Each module costs £156.00 (inc. VAT).

The Language of Drawing and Mark Making Modules:
Module 1 Light - Light reveals form and in this module you will learn experimental and traditional techniques for describing form in monochrome and colour using a range of materials.
Module 2 Surface - exploring the decorative and expressive potential of surface texture through drawing, painting, collage and simple printing methods.
Module 3 Pattern - ordering mark making to create pattern. The study of rhythm and pattern in natural and man made forms.
Module 4 Movement - based on a study of how contemporary artists have recorded movement this module will encourage you to create dynamic and expressive images.
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