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The Opus Foundation Course is a structured programme of four modules taught in distance learning mode. It is designed to enable those students who wish to build a portfolio of work for application to programmes such as the BA(Hons) Embroidered Textiles, or else who wish to develop their personal skills of drawing, design and creative expression.

The individual modules explore a specific area of art and design principles and is designed to involve you in a series of assignments related to the overall subject area, as well as to build on your own personal creative skills.

Each module will involve you in working with a brief, which opens up a series of challenging ideas and concepts, which having introduced the focus, then invites you to work with with your own personal ideas. An important part of each module will be the emphasis on all kinds of drawing and a study of current practice in the visual arts.

Each module costs £180 (inc. VAT).

Opus Foundation Course syllabus:
Module 1 A study of the 'raw materials' of art - ways of exploring a range of mixed media methods, waste materials, concepts of recycling and deconstruction.
Module 2 Black and White - new ways of drawing using both formal and very experimental approaches. Ways for developing other graphic images - print and offset images, multiples and collections.
Module 3 Colour - involving all kinds of approaches to colour study - transparency/opaqueness/expressive colour. Colour and space. Colour and light.
Module 4 Site specific - the importance and relevance of site situated works, or the influence of specific environments upon the way that you work. You will be invited to explore aspects of scale/form/space, aspects of body works and performance art, as well as the more formal constraints of architectural space and the exhibition area.
Having completed the course you should be able to:

  • Use a variety of art and design processes in a free and flexible way.
  • Use a variety of drawing skills with confidence and control.
  • Express your personal ideas through a range of mixed media approaches.
  • Explore concepts and ideas at a more advanced and experimental level.
  • Evaluate the work of other artists/designer makers and understand the importance of professional practice as an external challenge.
  • Be able to critically evaluate your own work and personal ideas within the context of current art practice in the visual and applied arts.
  • Be able to challenge your own imaginative ideas and explore your personal creativity through a wide range of art and design methods.
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