Residential Courses
Opus Summer School 2004 - Of Land and Sea

Earnley Concourse, Earnley, Chichester, Sussex

12 - 16 July 2003

The Opus Summer Schools are a very popular part of our programme and network embroiderers and textile artists from all over the world. This year we are able to extend the programme to give you five days of study. The course will focus on the visual and aesthetic inspiration of the immediate environment of the landscape around Earnley. The residential programme gives you the chance to study with well-known and respected textile and art tutors Michael Brennand Wood, Julia and Alex Caprara, Peter and Linda Green or Gwen Hedley. Whichever workshop you choose, this course promises five days of exploration and discovery!

Michael Brennand Wood - Consequence of Proximities

This workshop with Michael Brennand Wood will explore the relationship between ideas, materials and techniques and will create a situation that maps the evolution of a series of core personal ideas throughout the five days. You will employ your practical skills in working with areas such as paperwork, 3D construction, relief work and mixed media.

The emphasis of the workshop is firmly directed towards the conceptual analysis of ideas and critical evaluation. Students who take this course should be interested in critical dialogue, group activity and personal awareness of core interests and attitudes towards problems solving.

This master class is for advanced level students onwards with a good ideas and skills base. This workshop will open minds and share experiences.

Gwen Hedley - Polyfusion and Stitch

This course explores the immense potential of recycling polythene bags, using them combined with fabric and stitch as an exciting creative medium. You will create exciting stitched surfaces, including nets, webs, pouches, pockets, delicate lace-like structures and robust layered pieces. The workshop will enable you to investigate fusing, distorting, weaving, patching, working with dimension and overlays exploring contemporary approaches, working with the usual and achieving the unexpected! This approach will give spontaneity and freedom to your work, as well as being environmentally sound through recycling!

This course is suitable for all levels of experience. It involves both hand and machine stitching and will appeal to those with a sense of adventure who enjoy experimental approaches!

Peter and Linda Green - Exploring Basic Printmaking

This workshop will demystify printing techniques and concentrate on direct methods of image making, emerging from an exploration of materials and process. You will explore the immediacy of mark making inherent in printmaking, and will investigate aspects of texture, surface, pattern, shape and line.

Using simple processes and materials you will discover how visual imagery can emerge naturally as a by product of exploration. Images will be developed using all manner of methods and materials, from discovered surfaces using collage together with built up blocks, cut and incised surfaces, stencil printing, monoprints and basic offset and relief printing.

The workshop will enable you to think visually and develop critical standards related to construction. You will gain an understanding of image construction and develop a wider knowledge of pattern, texture, shape line and pictorial organisation - all elements that can be applied to other forms of visual arts. Students wishing to develop their work in any field would benefit from this opportunity to explore a practical process related to the fundamental nature of mark making.

No previous experience is needed, and as the exploration is personal the work can be appropriate for both master class level or beginners.

Alex and Julia Caprara - Of Sea and Sky - a dialogue

As artists we see, we feel, we interpret, express and we make. So simple but often so elusive as a fluent and eloquent experience.

This course focuses on the question of how do we relate our feelings and observations made in the landscape to the raw materials of our studio? Sea and sky and their constantly changing moods can be a mirror of an inner landscape. The environment of Earnley and the nearby spare shingle beach and English Channel provides an ideal setting for exploring a personal response to a constantly changing seascape. The focus on finding correspondences between our responses to the external, physical world and our own internal feelings will initiate a body of work to inspire ways for expressing these ideas through the use of raw materials and practical processes.

You will be introduced to a variety of ways of collecting visual experiences using sketchbooks, camera, digital camera, camcorder, sound and the written word and this collection will form the core resource for relating these experiences to the very physical qualities of raw materials. The experimental methods and materials workshop will enable you explore their expressive properties and use these as a catalyst for further personal mixed media and textile work. An important feature of the course will be a focus on the context of landscape as a vital element within the expressive culture of contemporary art and how we may learn from these ideas as part of our textile practice.

All levels are welcome as the emphasis of this course is focused on the individual, their personal responses to the external world and raw materials and how to develop their individual ideas.

Further information on the venue for this years Summer School can be found on the venue information page.

The cost for this course is £650 full board. Non-residential places area available for £475 including lunch and dinner. Please contact Opus for further information. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to reserve your place on this course. Further details of the course and a requirements list will be sent 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the course date, which confirms that the event is taking place. The balance is due by April 30 2004

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