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The Opus Shop will provide an opportunity for students and others to purchase materials, equipment and even works of textile art.

New! - Opus Colour Trails Colour Spheres

For more information on the new collection of colour spheres containing materials selected by Julia Caprara please click here for more information.

Opus Videos

Anthony Green RA...The Works!

"An engaging guide to the captivating work of Britains most individual painter"Frank Whitford, art critic for the Sunday Times.

Anthony Green has long intrigued and delighted people of all ages with his narrative autobiographical style, unusual use of perspective and the irregular shapes of his works.

This video explores the vision behind his painting and follows the creative process from first working drawings through to final brushstrokes. In conversation with Alex and Julia Caprara he brings alive his various techniques and clearly demonstrates the influence both of art history and of his wife, Mary, on his own work. Filmed in his studio, at an exhibition and at the Opus Millennium lecture, Anthony Green is revealed not only as a remarkable artist ut also as a fascinating man.

This video is available for £15.95 per video (plus postage and packing).

Path of Colour the first in an inspirational series of videos focusing on the story of colour and its inspirational potential as a starting point for students and practising artists is available for £15.95 (plus £2 per video for postage and packing)

Pathways to Creativity video, are now both available for £15.95 each (plus £2 per video for postage and packing)

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