Opus Colour Spheres
Opus School of Textile Arts are pleased to launch a new collection of colour spheres containing a wonderful array of threads and fabrics for exciting stitch projects. Each sphere has been individually assembled, from a range selected by Julia Caprara, for you to share in the exciting world of colour.

Saturn Venus
Each sphere has been individually assembled from a range personally selected by Julia Caprara. The collections include mohair, hand woven and hand dyed wools, rayon, cottons, embroidery threads, raffine, chenille and coloured fabric squares. The mega spheres also include a fat quarter of Klostern cotton viscose, as a foundation for your stitching, and a sparkling collection of beads and sequins.

Venus Mega and Mini Spheres
Two sizes of spheres are available. The larger mega Sphere is £19.75 (inc. VAT) each, while the smaller Mini Spheres are £8.75 (inc. VAT) each. Each sphere is unique therefore variations in materials and colours will occur.

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